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How to demonstrate that Fastweb is the fastest broadband brand in Italy?

By creating the fastest instant ambient campaign ever. July 8th, 2014: Brazil experiences the greatest tragedy in its sport history: a 1-7 home defeat at the World-Cup semi-final against Germany. That very night the web went crazy and millions of images of Christ the Redeemer were downloaded, becoming memes which ironically invited the icon of Brazil to leave the country and run away from the shame. July 9th, 2014: A faithful reproduction of the famous statue - 20 meters tall and 20 tons weight - appears in Naples with the tag “Downloaded with #Fastweb” along with a carousel-style carioca and television crews, musicians, dancers and capoeira.

Thanks to Fastweb the statue could at least take a couple of days off in one of the most beautiful and welcoming city of Italy.


Cannes Lions 2015:

Bronze Lion - PR


ADCI 2015:

Gold - Outdoor


Gold - Ambient Media

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